ECQ Diaries: love in the time of Covid-19

Even now, I think

Neither of us thought that

Having our kind of connection

And intense sense of kinship

Now, would be gone.

Cementing what I would see as the

End of our short fleeting moments

Deepened by false promises,

Concocted by bored minds.

On the premise that the crisis will end; that

Meeting you is possible; that

Meeting you is the plan… Or rather was the plan.

Understanding the circumstance, but

Nitpicking on my perceived shortcomings.

I know, I should stop. But if I do,

Then what?

You’d probably pursue new endeavours, not even

Questioning what happened to us?

Up until when was it true for you?

And then, I tell myself that it is

Risk. You were the risk.

An investment I never meant to make,

Never even thought of

Till you showed up opening me to an opportunity

Interesting enough to notice

Nice enough to like and

Even love.

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