One day

One day I will find love
And not the kind who will love me despite my shortcomings
Not even the kind who will love me and accept all my flaws.
I want the kind of love who will look at me
And list all the great things that he can see…

Like how I am great at laughing, even at lame jokes…
Like how my skin looks radiant without make up on…
Like how unique my mind works even when I am like a dork
Like how I can’t ride bikes, but never backs down on long walks
Like how I can’t drive but is the best passenger
Like how I fangirl over BTS … Period (.)

The list will go on, so I hope to find love…a love who will find me beautiful and amazing.


I am in a standstill and I am shaking like a mad woman…

Sinking into the non-movement
Taking everything in
And not letting anything out
Nodding in confusion
Deadpan on conversations
Still, people go about things
Talking, moving as if time is in a hurry
Impatient with life
Living naturally as if
Life has no meaning