Rain rain go away

The rain came as light showers that adorned the sky. It was like Christmas lights at the start of September. And just like how we see the start of a spectacular light show leading to the main event, the light showers turn into a full blown storm like the star of the show that it is. Amazing as nature may be, for me it just brings devastation. I have seen it coming, and as expected the devastation started inside me.

The constant rain will not go away easily. It will enjoy the season because it’s his. It will embrace the heat when the morning comes. It will receive well the droplets of water that it brings. So that when it is full to the brim, it will release everything like a child high on sugar leaving everyone drenched. And…the rain does not play alone, it’s accompanied by the cold wind slowly travelling from the north pole. It signals the change in atmosphere and along with it, a change in me. From the light sniffles I get from the cold wind, to the dry air that tickles my throat…the sudden unfamiliarity chokes me. I can’t breathe and next thing I know I am fighting to survive this.

Breathing in, I inhale all the things I want to forget. Breathing out, I exhale all those things out in to the world wanting catharsis. But it’s not easy because I need to keep breathing and every time I do, everything comes back like the pain from that last heartbreak you can’t move on from.

But like all things, the rainy season will end too. As it ends, I hope that it takes all the bad things too. As for now, I wait for the rain to go away just to come back another day.

Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No

Listening at the sound of your breath,

I braced myself for the worst

When you spoke,

then it was even more…

I thought I was ready for the answer. I was hoping that I could hear a favorable one. I guess it’s the fault of my question. It was a “SO” question that I didn’t want to be answered and yet, there he was giving me one; an answer that crushed me to pieces.

Asking you straightforward,

I am hoping you’d say YES!

Telling me instead;Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No.

It hurt. So Much…

It was painful hearing those words. But I have to hold my composure. I even asked why? Hoping I could understand you, your thinking, your logic, whatever it is that made you say that. But everything you said after was slurred to my hearing. I didn’t understand anything, anything at all.


I watched you, watching me

You had no idea what your words caused me.

I am at loss for words, tears fell down my cheeks. I can’t control it, but I have to. You even asked me if I was crying, and all I was able to do was nod. I felt so helpless.

Holding tight on your slipping hand

I grab the other one…

But you wooed me away!

Help me….

Help me stay.